Sumi Swirls and Sleeping Girls

Did I not post these? I forgot to post these! I created these five large sumi ink paintings in January for the group show: Wavelengths, at GR2 in Los Angeles. I kept these simple, just sumi ink on watercolor paper.5 More Minutes_sample

“Five more Minutes”coil_sample


Curl 2_sample

“Curl 2”

Dark Matter_sample

“Dark Matter”



P.S. Hi Fructose wrote a little blurb about the show here (!).

More Sale-art!

So, last night I packed up three boxes of mugs. I may have a problem. We’ll likely be moving Memorial day weekend, and I am more excited for this move than I’ve been for one in a long, long time. It’s gotten so bad that I have been having dreams about it, and about altering the house Minecraft-style, deftly adding and removing blocks, complete with sound effects. Here is a sneak peek of the backyard, and yes, that is a treehouse. A future treehouse studio? Perhaps.

our house 13

Yesterday I put up some pages from my sketchbooks in the Etsy shop for purchase, to further facilitate our move. A lot of these are from last year’s Inktober challenge. Take a look-see! book face“Book Face” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

burlesque 10-24 2 2

“Burlesque Girl 2” – ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

burlesque 10-24 3

“Burlesque Girl” – ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

kiki 3

“Kiki in the Studio” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paperlegs 2

“Legs” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft drawing paper

rain 3

“Rain” – sumi ink on Strathmore kraft paper SOLD. 🙂 Thank you!

 steve 3

“I Love Steve Buscemi” – sumi ink on Stonehenge kraft drawing paper  witch 2

“Witch” – sumi ink on Stonehenge kraft drawing paper

Paintings on Wood! And a new show.

wip2I’ve been working with some new materials, specifically learning how to use different kinds of paint on wood panels. For acrylic, I’ve used clear gesso, but I really wanted to use watercolors, and anyone who’s tried laying watercolors on top of raw wood knows – yeah, that doesn’t work. At all.

So, up until a few days ago, I was using Daniel Smith’s tinted watercolor ground, which you can use the same way as gesso to lay a watercolor-able surface down on practically anything (wood, glass, metal, plastic – the possibilities!). On my most recent trip to the art supply store, I was turned onto the fact that a CLEAR watercolor ground exists. What? Yes.


I’d already primed a number of wooden panels, so half of these new pieces are on a solid background, and the other half – with the transparent watercolor ground – gasp (!) – takes full advantage of that wonderful wood grain.

I tried “maskoid” (liquid masking fluid) out on the watercolor ground to see if it would work the same as on paper, and it does! This is how I get little stars and dust-spots (or orbs, or what have you).

2 player game detail

2 player game sm

“Two-Player Game”ant sisters detail

“Ant Sisters”

ant sisters smI've always wanted a telescope sm


telescope smlucy sm“Lucy”

lucy detail mountain woman sm

“Mountain Woman”  wip  wip4

(This butterfly/moth girl is as of yet untitled. If you have any suggestions, please shoot!)

These pieces and a few more will be on display at Scratch Deli (1718 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122) – with the opening night being this Saturday, from 7-9. Hope to see you there!!

Flies and Flowers – a little painting

I may have hinted at my love of houseflies before, in fact – I used to have a necklace with one held in resin (which everyone else told me was gross), which I sadly lost years ago, poor little guy. I only hope whoever found it appreciated it and didn’t toss it out in horror.

Here’s another little painting I did on Ampersand Aquabord, with colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic ink, sumi and micron pen, 5×7″.

available in the shop here:




Ink and pencil drawing, trial and error

Here’s a current project: a drawing around 18×24″ in pencil and ink. I’m at a wall, wondering whether or not to incorporate color, some fabric flower collage, or something I haven’t yet thought of. The drawing was a struggle: even though there isn’t much information there, I must have drawn and erased the face at least six times! I think I’ll set this away where I can’t look at it for a few days, and come back with new eyes to see what I’m missing now, but thought I’d post these – if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it – I certainly need it!