Sumi Swirls and Sleeping Girls

Did I not post these? I forgot to post these! I created these five large sumi ink paintings in January for the group show: Wavelengths, at GR2 in Los Angeles. I kept these simple, just sumi ink on watercolor paper.5 More Minutes_sample

“Five more Minutes”coil_sample


Curl 2_sample

“Curl 2”

Dark Matter_sample

“Dark Matter”



P.S. Hi Fructose wrote a little blurb about the show here (!).

STELLAR: Evidence of an alternative space program


Oh my god. How is 2014 already halfway over? More importantly (to me, anyway!) – how is my solo art show at Twilight gallery opening in only eight days?! I am soooo excited – there will be paintings of planets, starscapes, unnamed cosmonauts and floaty space girls. You are officially invited! If you are a facebooker, here is the invite page.

This weekend I’ll be into the gallery to paint the walls black, and any day now my bags of glow-in-the-dark stars will be showing up in my mail. To be used on the gallery walls, of course, but which after the show I’m sure will all go straight up in the apartment walls.

cosmonaut 010 sm

Why am I devoting a whole set of drawings and paintings to this franky, naive and arguably overdone subject?

What I’m after – childish wonder, stark beauty, vast loneliness + absurd simplicity. Exploration, finding comfort in the unknown + active curiosity.

I’m not a scientist, or an astronaut, this collection is just a portrait of what I thought being a space explorer was like, when I was 10.

I have this desire to touch emptiness, embrace the nonsensical, and lose a sense of proportion. Gadgets, physics, magic… all that good stuff!

I aim to create a portrait of an innocent motivation to seek comfort and wonder in the unknown.

Luna 8_small

cosmonaut 013 sm

cosmonaut 014 sm  postcard

If you are in the vicinity, please come by for opening night! There may be space-themed cocktails. And there may be spacemen/women. YOU should definitely come dressed in your finest intergalactical gear. 🙂

Happy Year of the Horse!

nebula sm

A couple days late, but – Happy Chinese new year!! I created this piece, “Nebula for 2014” for the Year of the Horse Show at Giant Robot

nebula work space

nebula 2

So that’s what the summer sky feels like

A new little watercolor/acrylic painting on a cradled watercolor board. Do you remember how this feels?

play harder

“To get what you’ve never had, you have to do what you’ve never done”


I’m reading a book right now, Upside-Down Zen by Susan Murphy, in the middle of a chapter called “The great Way of Play,” which, by directly referencing the playfulfulness found in the practices of meditation and koans, is talking about everyday action:

“We may well be the only animals that play all of our lives – or perhaps only think we are – and we may play all the way up to our death. We may, in this spirit, play even with our own death, meet even that with rigor and playfulness. It is the rigor of what we do, in practice, that raises everything to the state of play. Any seriously undertaken work is play in the deepest sense” -Murphy 43


How can you recognize every action as play? As serious? Sitting za-zen in a quiet room seems like obvious, boring, painful work:

“How is this practice, this immensely sobering Way of meditation, also a matter of pure play? Let’s look at some of the ways. First of all, it costs nothing to sit in zazen.  […] And it has a very strict and serious sense of form, as all great games do. There are no games without rules; the rules are a kind of desirable restriction.” -Murphy 44