STELLAR: Evidence of an alternative space program


Oh my god. How is 2014 already halfway over? More importantly (to me, anyway!) – how is my solo art show at Twilight gallery opening in only eight days?! I am soooo excited – there will be paintings of planets, starscapes, unnamed cosmonauts and floaty space girls. You are officially invited! If you are a facebooker, here is the invite page.

This weekend I’ll be into the gallery to paint the walls black, and any day now my bags of glow-in-the-dark stars will be showing up in my mail. To be used on the gallery walls, of course, but which after the show I’m sure will all go straight up in the apartment walls.

cosmonaut 010 sm

Why am I devoting a whole set of drawings and paintings to this franky, naive and arguably overdone subject?

What I’m after – childish wonder, stark beauty, vast loneliness + absurd simplicity. Exploration, finding comfort in the unknown + active curiosity.

I’m not a scientist, or an astronaut, this collection is just a portrait of what I thought being a space explorer was like, when I was 10.

I have this desire to touch emptiness, embrace the nonsensical, and lose a sense of proportion. Gadgets, physics, magic… all that good stuff!

I aim to create a portrait of an innocent motivation to seek comfort and wonder in the unknown.

Luna 8_small

cosmonaut 013 sm

cosmonaut 014 sm  postcard

If you are in the vicinity, please come by for opening night! There may be space-themed cocktails. And there may be spacemen/women. YOU should definitely come dressed in your finest intergalactical gear. 🙂

End of July

The month of July is coming to an end, as is our life in the Bellevue apartment, and my one-month show at the Twilight gallery.

bittersweet 10

Opening night was wonderful, and I got to see many of my favorite people! Pieces are selling and I’m going to collect what’s left at the end of the month. Wednesday, July 31st is the last day of the “Bitter, Sweet and Slightly Dirty” show.

bittersweet 1

“Eyes to Knees” – one of my favorites.

bittersweet 2  bittersweet 4


bittersweet 9

“Double Amputee [Legs]” (Top red framed piece) was the first to sell. I’m going to miss her!

bittersweet 11

bittersweet 8

I’m going to be sad to pull this one down – I’m so proud of how the pieces look in this wonderful West Seattle space! If you get a chance this week, stop by – not just to see my art but also to see the awesome collection of locally-crafted goodies, including Tracy Cilona‘s Suffrajetsetter’s Series of xerox transfers, embroidery, and found materials, an incredible collection of drool-worthy jewelry [See Kim Merritt’s Gritty Jewelry!], zines, vintage clothing and much more.

Counting down the days till the move… only four to go! Hmmm… should get back to packing. I’m not proud of this, but I thought I’d share the current disaster that is my studio:

studio - bellevue

The only good things about this picture are on the walls: an ink drawing by Andreas, print by MALL and patch by Daisy. studio - bellevue 2

Okay, I’m not gonna lie, this is what the studio usually looks like after doing  a weekend craft show, more or less. I really need to work on my organization skills: use this as a reference for what you don’t want your studio to look like. I’m still sporadically adding some older drawings to the MOVING SALE section of my shop, and will be for the next day or two before packing everything up for good to drive over to the new apartment! I want to say a HUGE thank you to all you guys who are helping support the move by picking out some original work for me to ship off to you! I owe you big time! *_* (Is that a happy starry-eyed face, or just one in shock? I intend the former)

Phew! Here’s a kitty:

momo on shoes

Have a great Wednesday – what has been keeping you busy lately?