30 paintings in 30 days – the halfway point update

Here’s an update on how all 30 little canvases are coming along, counting down the days till the October 30th deadline for the ’30 Day Art Challenge’ show.

(that’s Robin E Kaplan’s wonderful Star Trek fan art on the wall)

As I’m working on all 30 at once, most of them at this point I consider about half-baked, some more, some less.

Okay, probably shouldn’t show this, but here is Kiki rolling all over the paintings. As long as they’re not wet, I indulge her addiction to flat pieces of paper/cardboard/canvas. Do all cats do this?

After painting in white outlines on all canvases, I went in with some skin-tones, then moved onto hair.

Floating heads, stretched ears-used for mice transport, UFOs and sullen eyes.

Okay! Onto another day of floundering around in this acrylic world, and pretending to know what I’m doing!!

An earthwormy-kind of mood

“Vase” – pencil and watercolor, 5×7.”