Fun, fun wedding invitation

Have you ever heard of “Cleopatra Schwartz?” …I hadn’t, until recently I was commissioned to do an illustration for a wedding announcement based off of a spoof movie trailer included in The Kentucky Fried Movie.

The bride-to-be told me this was perfect as she’s a black girl and her fiancé is Jewish. This couple has an awesome sense of humor, and I’m sure the wedding will be a riot, in the best of ways. 🙂 So here it is, the Cleopatra Schwartz-themed wedding invite drawing!

One vine… thorns, blossoms and falling petals

Yet another one about love.

sumi ink and watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper, 9x11in.


Long-distance relationship

These two don’t even know of the other’s existence.

Necking and bruises, today’s drawings



This one’s for the girls who bruise easy: who climb trees and battle brambles and fall and get back up. Her legs will never be fit for modeling, but she shows them off anyway. She thinks they look like crushed violets.



something simple