Up to Lately – Holiday shows, Post-It art and Painting flags on my Furniture. Naturally.

It’s been busy in the little Bellevue studio lately! Last weekend’s etsyRAIN Holiday Show was fantastic, I met lots of awesome local vendors, and tons of fun, beautiful people. Thanks to everyone who came by! Now I’m getting ready for this Saturday’s December 1st Bizarre Bazaar. It’s only four hours long, takes place in the beautiful Om Culture studio, and packed with incredibly creative and quirky vendors. Do come by!

On another note, here are the drawings I did on post-it notes for Giant Robot’s Post-It Show, taking place from December 8th-16th. Yet again I wish I could fly down to San Francisco. There are so many artists, all post-its are $25 a piece, and the show is cash-and-carry. Yay for affordable art!

Between prepping for shows, packing and shipping off etsy orders, working on commissions and trying to stay bathed and fed, a couple of days ago we took Momo to the vet to get spayed. She’s been such an obnoxious, horny nightmare! I didn’t anticipate this, but the idea of surgery turned me into a nervous wreck. When I went to pick her up after dropping her off eight (yes, eight!) hours prior, she was still drugged up, confused and pretty pathetic. Her eyes were super dilated, yes – making her the cutest ever – but she could focus on anything, and because of the pain-killers probably didn’t feel it when she ran head-long into table legs. Kiki was pissed and freaked out, thinking I’d brought home Momo’s zombie-clone.

I don’t know how you people do it with kids. I can barely handle the stress of taking care of a pet! Now, two days later, she’s calmed down, and is currently sleeping next to our bed, under the coffee table:

Mostly due to the stress of the vet visit, I took a day off from work yesterday. Here is how I spent it: long bath, shaved the legs (special treat, no joke!), painted toenails, hung some newly acquired art, much time sapped by pinterest and windowshopping on etsy (did you know they have gift cards now? Too cool – and yes, please!), and then, I decied to do this:

Yup. Union Jack dresser!! I’ve been wanting to do this since we picked it up from a guy for free via craigslist earlier this year – sans handles and half-primed, and finally got to it! If you’re gonna do something like this yourself, plan on it taking around four hours. I used acrylic, and now it only needs a clearcoat.

Wow! Apologies for the lack of continuity here – I’ve been pretty scatterbrained lately – but I have to share this with you too! A few days ago I stumbled across this great post by Anna of And then WE SAVED: 56 Things to Do instead of Spending Money. It’s a good little reminder that some of the most fun things to do happen outside of the mall. Okay, that’s it – I promise! Happy Thursday, everyone!