“Pruning Time”

“Pruning Time”, watercolor, ink and pencil drawing done, along with “The Cutest Venus Fly Traps” as part of a 10-page art editorial to be published in the March issue of Atomica magazine.

As brutal as this looks, the shearing is taking place so that the little nub in question can be transplanted and start a little life on its own.

The little pink appendages are inspired by my love of succulents, specifically those of the jelly bean variety. I’ve tried a few times to take care of cacti, but could never keep them alive for long; always loving (read: watering) them to death.

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And lastly, I don’t know what this is. But this plant is amazing, and looks like it came out of an old 8-bit Nintendo game. Photo taken at the University of Idaho arboretum.