12 new little artworks – for a little art show!


black hole

I’ve been busy lately working on little paintings. I dropped them off today at Twilight Gallery for their miniature art show! The call for art is still open, till October 20th. I know you people are all sorts of artsy and talented, so submit away!! Do it. ūüôā¬†black hole 2I’ve been experimenting on working with small cradled wood boards, sanding them smooth, adding pencil and acrylic, then finishing them with an acrylic sealer. This first one is called “Black Hole,” and these small wood boards are 4x4x1.” migraine


migraine 2



pinkies 2

These next two are officially the smallest paintings I’ve ever done: “Lover 1” and “Lover 2.”

lovers 2

So, if I do say so myself, I think they are really adorable but the best thing about them is that the little canvases came with equally little frames! Check it!!


red wall

“Red Wall” – this one is quite larger at 8×10.” And named because red was my first choice for painting the bedroom (but I ended up going with a dark royal blue. Also awesome, but I still want to paint a room red).

tiny and stretch

“Tiny” and “Stretch,” 5×7.”tiny

tiny cuts 3

These next three are called “Tiny Cuts 1” “Tiny Cuts 2” and “Tiny Cuts 3” – clockwise from top left.

tiny cuts

Anyone else currently working on tiny art? I’d love to see it!

Flower Face… and recent obsessions


January so far has been half-full of specific commission work (super exciting stuff that I’ll have to wait and share with you later!), and half-full of creating whatever I’d like for some shows coming up. This is the hardest part; coming up with content – ideas that feel good enough to soil a piece of lovely cream Stonehenge paper (so soft and creamy! I love it so). When I’m stuck for ideas I pore through old sketchbooks to remind myself of things I once thought were interesting. This is always kind of weird because it feels like they’re someone else’s drawings, like hearing your voice recorded and played back to you (do I really sounds like that? In my head my voice is much for confident and butch. Hmm). By mid-march I will be creating new work for two separate month-long Artwalk shows –

Saturday, March 9th                5000 20th Ave NW, Seattle

Thursday, March 14th
4210 SW Oregon St., Seattle

So, I’m trying out some new things, like acrylic on Stonehenge paper in conjunction with pencil and ink. It’s weird – I feel like these drawings are showing up and someone else made them. Not that that’s bad or good, just weird. Thinking of: flowers and lace and blood and weeds, black velvet and portraiture and napping.


Alright! Enough talk about art! Here’s what else is on my mind:

Current obsessions

  • our new bread machine (thanks, Grandma!!)
  • Die Antwoord
  • wearing lipstick and perfume and, a bra once in a while – generally acting like a girl
  • our space heater, and making makeshift kotatsus
  • ID documentaries, specifically Wicked Attractions and Missing

What’s on your mind?

13 Days to Go…

With 30 paintings to finish. Here are today’s updates!

“Suck it! (They’re succulents… get it? Huh? No?)” I think I’m coming down with some sort of cold, or maybe it’s a wicked combination of wine/video game hangover + caffeine withdrawal. Anyways, I feel lousy. ūüė¶ So today was spent¬†working while watching Dirty Jobs. Hmmm. The following paintings might be getting a bit grosser. Guts and maggots and flies all that good stuff.

Oh! Thank you, thank you so much to all of you guys for voting for me in this year’s RAWards. I am officially a city finalist! On November 17th there will be a finalist group show, where voting will take place live to advance to whatever the next stage of this popularity contest is. I owe you all big time for helping me out here, and getting a ton of exposure for my humble drawings. Let’s see what happens next!

love, me.


painting, painting.

Aaaah! What am I doing?? I’ve never been comfortable painting, and here I am, simultaneously working on 30 8×10″ canvas boards, to be finished by the end of October, eventually to wind up in the TK Artist Lofts in Pioneer Square for the 30 Day Art Challenge show on December 6th. Pfhh, why not? 30 days, 30 paintings, no problem – right? Entries are now closed, but I invite you to join me on your own – get yourself 30 little canvases, or 30 pieces of paper, or take a photo every day for a month.

^ Two in-progress pieces.

Originally conceived as an exercise to combat procrastination, the 30¬†Day Art Challenge¬†(formerly the Forgotten Works 30 Day Art Challenge) has been going on in Seattle for 10 years, and this year I hear 110 artists have signed up. Providing we all finish our pieces, that means the gallery space will house 3300 paintings at once! How cool is that?¬†Sign-up¬†was open to artists of all levels, and pieces will be hung with all information on the back, so¬†while up for sale you¬†technically won’t know who¬†did what. Andrew Buckles, the coordinator, tells me that last year an 8-year old and her professional-artist mother both entered, and the daughter¬†sold more pieces than her mom! Awesome!

I agonized for a few days over what my attack plan for this project was going to be. Blank canvases are so scary! I knew I had to give myself some parameters – a framework – in order to stay focused. I began by covering up that terrible brand-spankin-new-gesso-white, with a range of blue-grey-greens. Today I finished painting in the white “ghosts” which I will begin to fill in, probably jumping back and forth between pieces till the 30th of the month when I’ll have to go drop them off.

So, how about it, artist friends? Join me in fighting proctrastination! Ok, go!!

On an unrelated note, voting is still open for this year’s RAW Awards. You can vote once-per-category-per-day, so you can still vote for me – if you feel like it. Or not. Just throwing it out there. ūüôā Okay, now have a fun, creative day!!