shrinky dink jewelry – girls of the sea

It’s shrinky-dink time! I’ve been busy crafting jewelry for the San Diego Comicon that’s fast approaching! This means sharpies, x-acto-ing, baking and little jewelry pliers! I’ve been trying to make larger pendants, which means making drawings that measure around 5″x8″ to start, before the massive shrinking that occurs in the oven.

“Tangled”: Finally! A new drawing!

What with moving, commission projects and all, I haven’t had much time recently to draw just for fun, and I finally got the chance to sit down and do some personal work.

8″x10″ print available for purchase here

“Tangled”: pencil and sumi ink on watercolor, colored digitally.

8″x10″ color print on 140lb watercolor paper

original drawing

(the original sketch)


Floating World inspired prints


“Nap Time (post party)”

both are available now on etsy. I hope to start doing larger prints soon.


Some new work; of course inspired by good old Hokusai, except this piece is considerably more PG… 22″x22″ sumi ink on Stonehenge.