Wow! Artist: Aubrey Learner

Oh my goodness, I am in love. San Franciscan artist Aubrey Learner has an MFA in fine art and a BS in biology, and the combined loves mashup to create something truly stunning:


watercolor on paper 23×38 inches


watercolor on paper 17.75×30.25

black chemise

ink, graphite on paper 36″x24″

milk and honey

watercolor on paper 33×41 inches


Acrylic and ink on paper 48.75×45.25 inches

Her intricate drawings include insects, silk, candy, pins, lace and parasites. They arouse both disgust and desire; smaller perhaps disturbing bits making up a beautiful, larger whole. More images in her online portfolio, here. Ugh, she is so good!!

ghost girls, cont. 3

You’re probably getting sick of these but this is the last installment for now – I promise!

Ghost 18: Jude (Unidentified spiky grasshopper)

Ghost 19: Cara (enormous scarab [possibly dung] beetle)

Ghost 20: Rumi (Chrysophora chrysochlora “brilliant shining leaf beetle)

ghost girls, cont. 2

Ghost 13: Oona (giant hercules beetle)

Ghost 14: Uma (“face bugs”)

Ghost 15: Scarlet (some form of metallic woodborer)

Ghost 16: Sumi & Amelie (beautiful mottled green atlas beetles)

Ghost 17: Eli (common dragonfly)

ghost girls, cont.

Ghost 8: Whisky (stinging bullet ants)

Ghost 9: Echo (unidentified grasshopper)

Ghost 10: Heidi (Sagra buqueti, “frog leg giant” metallic leaf beetles)

Ghost 11: Teagan (Chrysophora chlysochlora, “brilliant shining leaf beetle”)

Ghost 12: Aki (unidentified, nearly imperfect specimen)

ghost girls

Ghost 3: Willow (head of a Hercules beetle)

Ghost 4: Phoebe (cute unidentified beetle)

Ghost 5: Anja (stinging bullet ants)

Ghost 6: Sydney (Wtf is this monster?! Any guesses?)

[EDIT: possibly Macrodontia cervicornis, longhorn beetle]

Ghost 7: Yuka (Lamprima adophanae “Golden Glow” stag beetle)