Weeping Willow

Little girl painted with gouache on this lovely grey handmade paper I picked up in Vancouver, BC last weekend while on our little anniversary trip!

Canal Paper is made by the Papeterie Saint-Armand in Montreal all by hand, and I found this at a little shop on Granville Island: Paper-Ya. Pretty much one of the most amazing little paper/sketchbook/nicknack/supply store I’ve ever stepped into, I am quite impressed I managed to tear myself away with only these two little stacks of paper.

So this is what I did with sheet #1. I love how soft and textured it is, with a deckled edge and subtle color variation. Onto the next!!


Kitties in Singapore!

I just got the chance to work with a wonderful girl in Singapore on a series of portraits of her and her two beloved kitties, Mr. Chow and Ms. Tata! The first is your traditional family portrait:

Next, yoga-time!!

And finally, hard at work as an investment writer in her flat, overlooking the Marina Bay Sands, while the kitties lounge.

Too much fun!

Punk Rock Flea Market Summer 2012

We’re still a few months out, but I’m getting excited for this summer’s Punk Rock Flea Market, to be held at the Underground Events Center here in Seattle on June 23rd. To my great excitement Josh asked me to design the flyer, so here she is:

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The facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/409296509087641/

Official website: http://www.punkrockfleamarketseattle.com