Percolating… finally, an ode to coffee!

It’s been brought to my attention recently that, though I’ve done quite a few tea-themed drawings, I still hadn’t made anything devoted to coffee (my true love, but don’t tell the tea!). So, here she is (thanks, Nichol!)!!

I know, I know  – anyone who owns a percolator knows that it is impossible to bathe in it, if only because of the pesky spout that lets water travel from the bottom to the top and makes it possible for coffee-creation to occur. Sadly. But by the magic of drawing, there! It’s happening! Coffee bath in a percolator!

I prefer the french press, but putting a girl in there sounded pretty sadistic, not to mention claustrophobic.

Also, I have a new printer!! After much procrastination and nailbiting, I decided on an Epson, for its ultrachromatic inks and large format. I can now print up to 13″ wide and virtually unlimitedly long (have to buy a roll of paper for something like that, though). Yay! 11×14″ prints will soon become standard in my shop, where you can pick up little coffee girl now!

Anywho. It’s time to make dinner – a hot pot, I think, full of meat and mushrooms and whatever veggies are hiding in the bottom of the fridge. Then I believe it’ll be time for another pot of coffee and a Borderlands 2 marathon. Hmmmm. Yes.


Let me introduce you to: miss Chinadoll! Along with Yakuzabot, she’s going in the mail tomorrow down to L.A. to be part of the Giant Robot Biennal 3 Remix project. This is one of the very first two dolls I’ve ever customized, and with her, I took the extra step of adding super sculpey to her face and hair-buns, also giving her a modest chest. This all resulted in her being quite top-heavy… like me she is a clumsy girl, and often finds herself falling flat on her face (though me, not for the top-heavy reason. ahem).

Also, she has eyeballs growing out of her back!! See the before picture here.

Here are the two together – to them, the (slight) size discrepancy isn’t important. They are in love.

And here is Yakuzabot’s finished tattoo work.

And glamour shot. 🙂 This was loads of fun to do. Now, what to do with all this extra sculpey clay??

Flowers and Stars

As of yet also untitled, pencil, ink and fabric flowers.

Speaking of the night sky, are you watching the Perseid meteor shower this weekend?

Another start

Another drawing started – such a test of patience working on this hair! If only I’d paid more attention at art school, instead of spending so much time just looking at art. Working with layers of pencil and sumi ink on this one. Using a flat, dry brush seems to help, adding texture without trying to go in and draw each individual hair.

Also thinking of how nice it would be if I could grow out my hair for once. I’m tired of looking like a boy, for now.