pillow books, shunga, erotica, porn… whatever you want to call it…

Here are the first four of what will eventually be a collection of twelve drawings to be bound into little books in the coming month [censor bubbles won’t actually appear in print]. All drawn with sumi ink, then colored digitally.

These are all directly inspired by the floating world wood-block prints of sixteenth-to-eighteenth century Japan, commonly referred to as shunga. These were gathered together into little booklets called “pillow books”, used as instructional manuals by the bourgeois, gifts to new brides, and interestingly, good luck charms (to ward off death, of course!) to samurai.

The goal is to have the twelve drawings done, have an limited printing done, and have them hand-bound by mid-November.

Something else I came across during research which is rather interesting (mature warning):

10 Controversial erotic shunga prints

Floating World inspired prints


“Nap Time (post party)”

both are available now on etsy. I hope to start doing larger prints soon.