Recent blog header design for Justyn

I recently was invited to redesign the blog header for Dunia Duara, the personal blog of photographer Justyn Strother. I was given free creative range (thank you Justyn!), with the aim of illustrating the adventurous lifestyle of a wide-traveling, car-less, homeschooled and adventurous family of seven (if you include the puppy).

Initial sketch:

Finished header:

This was so much fun to do! I tried to pack the little space with little details about the children and to subtly reference some of their loves: speaking Arabic and French, Japan and origami, old childeren’s literature, legos and travel. I used reference photos, which were plentiful, of course, Justyn being an amazing photographer. You can see her flickr here. The family has traveled to, among other places, East Africa, London, Ireland, Wales, Amsterdam and Paris, and have wonderful photographic documentation of their journeys. I was honored to try and encapsulate some of this wonderful lifestyle in a little drawing. 🙂

Blogger Header Design

I was recently contacted by the lovely Karine Smith to design the header for her blog: ka.entre.nos. This little illustration is of her adorable little half Brazilian/half Irish family, under a large umbrella since it rains so much in Ireland. I’m not fluent in Portuguese, but if you are, be sure to check it out!