Kitty Heaven (what I made today)

Ink with digital coloring. Planning another t-shirt, and maybe tote bags this time!

8×10″ print in the etsy shop, here.

Too many cats? Pshh!

Here’s a custom watercolor illustration I did for a cat lover who has a few more kitties than I. It was loads of fun to do.

conjoined twins and a crazy cat lady

Here’s where this experiment stands at the moment, I added some stars and layered an ink doodle over the top. I think I’ll set it aside for a while and come back to it later.conjoined smallAlong the same theme, I present to you the world-famous jump-roping sisters:

twins jumping2

I realize most of my figures are free-floating, and it’s a simple matter of me being to lazy to create a real background for them, so I decided that I’d try and see if I couldn’t build a convincing room. This one centers around a girl who likes cats… luckily her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind…

cat lady 1I played around with this one a little bit, here are a couple alternate versions I came up with: the offset outline is really appealing to me, but there are only little bits of the green outline that I’m happy with.

cat lady 2cat lady 3

In other news, I found out today that I recieved the Seth Dotson Memorial award from the art department: 30,000 Years of Art, by Phaidon: a book weighing somewhere around 10 pounds!! I was out of town during the awards ceremony, so it was an unexpected and exciting surprise!