A Bevy of Blog headers!

A while back I created this super-fun blog header Justyn from Dunia Duara, so imagine my excitement at being asked to create individual page headers for the online contributions of her four kids! Soooooo awesome.

This one’s for the eldest, artist, sumi-e student, writer, bibliophile and origami enthusiast!

For the second eldest, musician, budding authoress, fan of sci-fi and fantasy literature – her family calls her “little bird.”

The boy of the group, solitary like my brother (strong, surviving three sisters!) – explorer, adventurer, wildlife biology buff and lego architect!

And last but not least, the baby – constantly dancing, fond of baby animals, flying, cooking, Paris, gelato, and have I mentioned – dancing?

This project was lots of fun because – now that I think about it – the kids remind me so much of my siblings, growing up. Two older girls, a boy and a baby girl, homeschooled, travelers, basically of the artsy-bookish-nerdy type.

I, of course, eldest, basically an antisocial hermit holed up in my room with books and colored pencils, Lara, supersmart bibliovore, long hair, guitar in hand, Shuki – the origami master in this case, animal trivia EXPERT, and Milli the baby, bubbly, happy, French-ish. Weird! And so much fun.


More Stickers

The past couple of days for me have pretty much consisted of: sticker-making (drawing, coloring, printing, laminating, cutting), coffee-drinking, cookie-eating and TED watching.

Left to right: The journalist/diarist, the cookie chef, the yogi, the stoic painter, and the tooter (complete with three toots of assorted size)!

Journalist/diarist … same thing, right?

I’ve always kept a diary, or tried to, off and on. This is pretty much what my journaling consisted of:
From the ages of 9-14: angst!
15-17: sex!
18-21: angst! sex!
22-23: I’m a professional. This is dead serious.
24: All of the above
25: It’s only been a few days, I haven’t figured it out yet.

All of this, of course, interspersed with random poetry, song lyrics, doodles, napkin-poster-magazine-trash swatches, spit, tears, and photos.

Tasteless, I know, but pretty funny. Think of the possibilities with these stickers!

This is who I tried to be all through art school: cool-ly detached, observant, and deep, tools of the trade slung across my back, evidence of my violent creative process smeared all over my pants (the last bit I could never get a hold of; I’m much too anal and neat of a painter. I use a rag). Needless to say, I failed horribly. I’m still terribly antisocial, terribly uncool. But I do have a sweater just like this now.

This set is up in the etsy store here. One thing – I would NEVER condone actually putting five girls in a pouch. Not without their permission.

I’m going to be really corny for a moment, but I have to say it: I am so grateful to everyone who buys these little stickers and everyone who’s helping me live the dream of being an independent, thriving artist. I think about this every day when I wake up, and every night before I go to sleep. There’s so much craziness and chaos going on, and I have so much to be thankful for. And it’s all because of you, I really mean it. How could I ever thank you enough?

Back to the beginning

This is what I thought I would be drawing [when I became a grown-up] back when I was 10 (drawings from the last couple of days).

“Fast Ride”

“Unlikely [though not improbable] Encounter”