Kitty Heaven (what I made today)

Ink with digital coloring. Planning another t-shirt, and maybe tote bags this time!

8×10″ print in the etsy shop, here.

Kitties in Singapore!

I just got the chance to work with a wonderful girl in Singapore on a series of portraits of her and her two beloved kitties, Mr. Chow and Ms. Tata! The first is your traditional family portrait:

Next, yoga-time!!

And finally, hard at work as an investment writer in her flat, overlooking the Marina Bay Sands, while the kitties lounge.

Too much fun!

Crafty crafty!

Just finished a new sheet of stickers, of a little collection of creative girls and their favorite things. Inked and watercolored, scanned and printed, laminated and cut-out!

I’ve been in a ridiculously crafty mood this past month or so, maybe because my baby sister’s living with us now: we’ve been making friendship bracelets, valentines, crocheting hats, and just this morning made a small mountain of heart-shaped rice crispy treats. Like I said, ridiculous.

On an unrelated note, how lucky am I to have not one, but two studio-kitties?!!

Also note Jeff Guerrero’s beautiful cup!

Chair hog.

Too many cats? Pshh!

Here’s a custom watercolor illustration I did for a cat lover who has a few more kitties than I. It was loads of fun to do.

On the subject of cats…

Yesterday Nick and I drove down to Tacoma to pick up a little sister for Kiki. She was rescued from a barn, had mites and respiratory problems, and still a little bit of an eye cold, but she’s doing much better. Her name is Momo.

Look how small! Kiki isn’t a large cat, and still isn’t sure if she’s okay with this new little invader.

Oh, and here’s another drawing:

“Pet it”. Tee-hee!