Wow! Artist: Aubrey Learner

Oh my goodness, I am in love. San Franciscan artist Aubrey Learner has an MFA in fine art and a BS in biology, and the combined loves mashup to create something truly stunning:


watercolor on paper 23×38 inches


watercolor on paper 17.75×30.25

black chemise

ink, graphite on paper 36″x24″

milk and honey

watercolor on paper 33×41 inches


Acrylic and ink on paper 48.75×45.25 inches

Her intricate drawings include insects, silk, candy, pins, lace and parasites. They arouse both disgust and desire; smaller perhaps disturbing bits making up a beautiful, larger whole. More images in her online portfolio, here. Ugh, she is so good!!

beautiful beheading

Today’s drawings, pencil, sumi ink and acrylic on stonehenge, 8×10″.

Cendrine Rovini: delicate and disturbed

I stumbled across the work of Cendrine Rovini, and can’t get enough of it. Her drawings are small, airy, beautiful and unsettling. Her girls exist in a secret world full of fur, tears, blood, twigs, rituals and transformation – in her words, metamorphosis. They feel very personal, very intimate and raw. Go to her website to go through her stunning portfolio. You can also purchase original artwork from her etsy shop.

Le bonheur de fermer les yeux pendant la chute

From her artist statement: My work fights against the frozen imaginary of the Unique which only blossoms in violence and exclusion and in the obsession in truth or progress. Metamorphosis belongs to the multiple, to the becoming as perhaps defined by Deleuze when he described the animal-becoming, plant-becoming, woman-becoming: it is not imitation or identification but poetic scrum which makes evident that worlds are fertilized and grown on each other, swollen with life, matter and invisible.

La naissance de Bonnemort

Les semis




the Beautiful Freaks

So we just watched the X-files episode in which Gillian Anderson, unscripted, munches up a live cricket, and that made me fall so much more in love with her. I guess that doesn’t really explain this next string of drawings, but these are some things I’ve been thinking about: the nonexistence of “normal”, the amazing impossibility of two of the same thing, the impossibility of life, the different and the beautiful.

These are available in limited edition prints of 50 at here.

The full set: here.