Huge news! The studio is moving (again!) – but this time it’s special.

So, for the last year Nick and I have been looking for a place to call our own, and I’m so excited and humbled to say that we’ve found it. My studio is half in boxes, and we’re getting ready to move ourselves, Kiki and Momo, and all our stuff fifteen miles south to Seatac – and into this home! We should be all moved in by the end of the month, and I will update you with more pictures, probably unwanted, but I’m pretty in love right now and I’m gonna show them anyway!

our house 15More pictures to come once we get the keys, full of surprises!

As is now tradition, to go along with the move I am having a sale on lots of my original artwork, which are up and available here. I am letting go of older work, and some newer work, to make room for the new. Here are some of the things that I’ve just put up for sale today!

  cozy 1“Cozy” – original watercolor painting SOLD! Thanks, Ron!!

cozy man 4“Cozy Man” – original ink drawing

fast ride 2 1

“Fast Ride (Hold On!) 2” – original ink drawing SOLD. Thanks, Andy!!

ghost 3

“Ghost” – original pencil drawing

kitty brew 1

“Kitty Brew” – original sumi ink drawing (SOLD. Thanks, Jen!!)

miyazaki 1

“Miyazaki Tribute” – original watercolor painting  SOLD (thank you, Amanda)!

brooklyn inked 1“Brooklyn Inked” poster design – original ink painting (SOLD. Rachel! Thanks!)

never“Never” – original ink drawing SOLD. Kyle – thank you!

chestpiece“Chestpiece” – original pencil drawing on handmade paper

night in“Night In” – original pencil and ink drawing

spring 3“Spring” – original watercolor and ink painting

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