The Customer Moat

I am excited to share the very important Kickstarter campaign of a friend of mine: The Customer Moat. Eddie Sung has been working on this book for several years, and after painstaking edits and revisions, is finally nearing completion! I’m posting this partly for selfish reasons, as I am super proud to have helped out with the interior chapter illustrations, but also because the book itself is a concise, entertaining and ambitious project that I, as a small business owner myself, can’t wait to read in its entirety.

Eddie says:

“I wanted a book that told great stories while explaining the inner workings of business strategy; a book that combined theories along with practical, actionable business tools; a book that would be accessible and user-friendly to all people from high school students to small business owners to Fortune 500 CEOs.  I wanted to write a book that I myself wish I could have read so many years ago when I first began my own business adventures.”  photo-1024x768“The Customer Moat is a new way of looking at business strategy.  At its core is a new set of concepts from which we can build a more modern and improved model of business understanding.  With it, all the various elements of business strategy can now be fit together into a single unified system.  Excitingly, this system explains the entire ecosystem of business strategy in a single framework.  In addition, this book provides a toolkit of the major “actionable” levers available to companies with explanations of how to use employ them to grow profits. ” – from the Kickstarter campaign CMOAT-Book-v2

Cover preview and chapter illustration teaser

The Kickstarter campaign is a great opportunity to purchase a copy at a great price, and a portion of each pledge will be donated to making the book available to community colleges and public libraries. Other pledge rewards include special indie bookstore bulk pricing, fancy hardcover editions, and posters! Oh yeah, posters! One designed by the freakishly talented Noah Kroese, another by designer Dana Kublin, and one more by yours truly. Again, check out the Kickstarter page for previews.

I don’t advertise lightly, only for things I really care about. I’m really excited to see the final product, and hope you will be, too! Okay, that’s it for now. Oh, and happy December! I’m getting excited for a tree, and hunting down perfect little gifts for friends, and making ridiculous amounts of cookies.

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