Tiny Seattle Holiday Gift Guide

This weekend at the EtsyRAIN Holiday Show I met so many amazing artists and saw so many goodies I would rather keep for myself than gift, but lots of goodies that are super giftable. Here is a collection of some of the things I saw this weekend, as well as other artists in the {greater} Seattle area. Check them out!

 {click picture to go to Treasury}treasury

1. Messenger bag by AtlasPast   2. Narwhal card by Cellar Door Mercantile   3. Chambray Whale by Chariots Afire   4. Skeleton Key Necklace by Wit and Pepper   5. Hercules Beetle in Victorian Frame by Deviant Decor   6. Fingerless gloves by Blumenkinder Seattle   7. 14K gold earrings by Aichy Creations    8. Hipster High-Waisted Panties by Under the Root    9. Old Flame Parfum by Rebel and Mercury    10. Light and Refreshing Fruit Shrubs by Sweet Caroline Jams   11. Porcelain Mini Prep Bowl by Sarah Bak    12. Herbal Teas Garden Bon Bons by Garden BonBons    13. 6 Sweet Lollipops by This Charming Candy    14. Detox 100% Natural Soap Gift Set by Herbivore Botanicals    15. Vanilla Pastilles de Leche by Sweet Coconut Bakery    16. Clove Scented Soy Candle by Fremont Candle Co.

Oh, in case  you need one more reason to check out Chariots Afire, they also offer Cat formal wear {modeled  by Momo, of  course}.

momo in a tie

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