Happy Holiday Weekend!! + Thank you, thank you – yes, you!

* Feeling undeservedly lucky and happy *


I am so thankful –

+ for my friends and family

+ our homey, warm city apartment with radiator heating that I can snuggle up to

+ Kiki and Momo, my small furry children

+ the smell of the ocean in the mornings

+ all the awesome food that is now in my stomach

+ surviving 2013 (so far), and for my body’s ability to knit itself back together

+ for working my dream job, and for everyone who’s supporting and helping me along the way – which means:

+ for YOU! You. You know who you are. I am so thankful for you.

Right now I’m digesting our delicious dinner, staring sadly at my empty wine glass, and taking it easy before this weekend, which will find Nick and I downtown at Pier 66 for the 5th annual etsyRAIN Handmade Holiday Show! We did this one last year for the first time, and had so much fun – if you’re hazarding downtown Seattle anyway on black Friday, make sure to take some respite among us gentle, crafty folks at the show. If you need a nap, perhaps I’ll even let you take one under our booth! Haha. We’ll be there both Friday and Saturday from 11-6. Come see us!

EtsyRAIN flyer x 1

If you’re choosing to stay home and avoid the mad throngs of Christmas shoppers (very wise), keep warm and well-fed and -drunk (?) at home. I’m happy to say I have some small sales going on in the etsy shop from Friday to Cyber Monday as well:

+ Free shipping on all domestic (US) orders, with coupon code: “GIFTSFORYOU”

+ Every order over $25 will receive a free gift tucked inside {it’s a surprise! But I’ll be wrapping them up just for you}

+ 25% off all orders over $50 with code “YAY25”

I have some new goodies I’ve been working on, that are brand new in the shop, such as the pullover hoodie shown here on part-time model, Mr. Burrington:

hoodie 1

hoodie 3

The unisex avocado “Kiki” tee:  kiki uni 2

kiki 3

The unisex Skull V-neck:

skull v 1

skull v 3

And the women’s Kiki tee!    kiki w 2

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