37 spot illustrations

20waystotell 13-18Things are busy on the home front, getting ready for holiday shows and trying to squeeze in time for making new art. I’m so terrible at this blogging thing, neglecting it for such long stretches! I thought I’d post these little illustrations I did several months back for a women’s lifestyle blog. They were quick and fun, and were designed to help illustrate little blurbs about how to apply makeup, how to tell if someone’s into you, and how to keep things interesting in the bedroom. You know, rather standard lifestyle article stuff. But they were fun and I used it as an exercise in colors and patterns. Enjoy!      20waystotell 02 20waystotell 03-6  20waystotell 13-18 20waystotell 13-18 20waystotell 19-20 20waystotell 19-20 20waystotell all 20sm





makeup tips - sm

These last ones, sadly, were deemed too sexy to publish. Which pisses me off! But whatever, here you go! 7unexpectedmoves all7sm 7unexpectedmoves_5 7unexpectedmoves_6

Happy Wednesday!!


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