12 new little artworks – for a little art show!


black hole

I’ve been busy lately working on little paintings. I dropped them off today at Twilight Gallery for their miniature art show! The call for art is still open, till October 20th. I know you people are all sorts of artsy and talented, so submit away!! Do it. 🙂 black hole 2I’ve been experimenting on working with small cradled wood boards, sanding them smooth, adding pencil and acrylic, then finishing them with an acrylic sealer. This first one is called “Black Hole,” and these small wood boards are 4x4x1.” migraine


migraine 2



pinkies 2

These next two are officially the smallest paintings I’ve ever done: “Lover 1” and “Lover 2.”

lovers 2

So, if I do say so myself, I think they are really adorable but the best thing about them is that the little canvases came with equally little frames! Check it!!


red wall

“Red Wall” – this one is quite larger at 8×10.” And named because red was my first choice for painting the bedroom (but I ended up going with a dark royal blue. Also awesome, but I still want to paint a room red).

tiny and stretch

“Tiny” and “Stretch,” 5×7.”tiny

tiny cuts 3

These next three are called “Tiny Cuts 1” “Tiny Cuts 2” and “Tiny Cuts 3” – clockwise from top left.

tiny cuts

Anyone else currently working on tiny art? I’d love to see it!

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