2014 Burlesque Pin-Up Calendar (plus free DIY download)


I’m working away on constructing the 2014 Burlesque Pin-up calendar! I’m planning another calendar that will simply feature an assortment of illustrations I’ve created over the past year, but felt that I needed to make a special one dedicated to the awesome women who do burlesque:calendar 2This calendar features 12 different original drawings, which can either be hung on the wall or propped on an easel.   calendar 5


I had a lot of fun digging through my drawers looking for props for these photos. I’ve come to the conclusion that my tastes run much more girly than I’d usually admit. But I’m getting used to it. 🙂calendar 4

These calendars are up in the etsy shop, here, and I will have them in tow at all the upcoming holiday arts and crafts shows coming up in the next couple of months!    calendar 8

calendar 9

calendar 10

calendar 11

I created a monthly template, with a space for you to add your own art or photos, and you can download the 12 separate .jpgs here: 2014 calendar template. The text is all black, for you to color as you like. I’d love to see what you come up with!


3 thoughts on “2014 Burlesque Pin-Up Calendar (plus free DIY download)

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