Fox Girl Illustration


fox smIntroducing: Fox Girl! It’s come to my attention that I need more animals in my drawings.

Consider this sweet, wild little girl-fox duo the first in an upcoming series of cross-species pairings!!

fox 3


I’m experimenting more with combining watercolor paint with further digital color and texture.

For this one the girl and the fox were entirely painted with watercolors, I inked a frilly border in black, then took the piece into Photoshop to add the pretty, mottled 4

Along with the start of October seems to have come instant cold weather and a sucky cold. While this is my favorite season, the last few days have been spent mostly hiding under a mountain of blankets on the couch, reading Clash of Kings, and sucking down any hot beverage I can get my grubby paws on  …so yesterday I felt I’d better get back into gear and this little drawing is what came of it! Now, I’m afraid it’s back to the couch.

fox 5

foxGet the 8×10″ print here!



7 thoughts on “Fox Girl Illustration

  1. That is amazing! I’m so glad you’re doing a series. And I just have to say that I love the way the colors continue into the border!

    Same here. Ever since I came back from Greece and into the grey cold I’ve had a cough that I can’t seem to get rid off.
    Hope you’ll feel better soon!

  2. How do you feel about someone using your art as a tattoo? I really like this, I’m obsessed with foxes so I was wondering if you’d want some sort of commission for using it as a tattoo. If you allow me to of course because I wouldn’t get it done without your permission.

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