Queen Anne Studio {our new place}!!

our place 26

We’re all moved in!! We’re settling into our new Queen Anne apartment in Seattle, and here is the new work space! I’m pretty proud of the setup, ridiculously in love with the space.

I have the drawing desk in the corner with the most light, next to that the computer/printing/scanning area, and under that, flat storage and a paper filing cabinet.

our place 02

Storage corner!

our place 03

our place 12

We found this amazing bookshelf at the thrift store, and it works perfectly to store backing board, stayflat mailers, linoleum and wood blocks for printing, books, spraypaint, sketchbooks, etc.

our place 13

Look! I color coded my books!

Yes, this is how many books I now have. After moving apartments more times than I can count, and lugging huge boxes of books nearly every time, I’m learning not to cling onto these beautiful things (though with Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company, Half Price Books, and Kinokuniya Bookstore, it’s sorely tempting to begin collecting again. The library’s a little over a mile away, so I’m sure I’ll be making that trip every couple of weeks. I’ll just bring home beautiful books and own them temporarily.

our place 15

Momo’s pretty sure the large pad of paper placed in the sunniest corner of the house is just for her.

our place 16

Yup. Coffee and tea. An essential part of the studio!

our place 17

Magnet from my baby sister. One of my favorite SNL skits.

our place 18

our place 20

our place 21

Double rug!

our place 22

our place 23

our place 24

A little Peter Harren print peeking out from behind some mugs (scandalous).

our place 25

And look what can be seen out the window! In case I forget where I’m living…


8 thoughts on “Queen Anne Studio {our new place}!!

  1. What a lovely living space! And I really enjoy your plants, haha. I’m kind of envious that you are able to keep all those books and art supplies so organized! Whenever I’ve moved in the past my room became messy almost instantly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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