Studio Sale!!!

So, after living in Bellevue for 2.5 years, it’s finally time for a move. We just signed a lease for a gorgeous new home/studio right smack in the middle of Seattle, literally blocks away from the Space Needle! I don’t even care that it’s that close to the city, it’s just the inside that I’m in love with – I’ll have photos soon, but it has wood floors, radiators, huge windows and I can’t wait to move all of my art supplies and start a new chapter in a new neighborhood (The exploring! The decorating! Lots of people hate it, but I love moving!).

0 ghosts 3Ghosts, set of four ink drawings – [edit] SOLD

I started the task of going through my art to try and start packing, and realized I have tons of old drawings and experiments that have just been living and moving along with me from city to city, which makes me rather sad. I’ve put a bunch of work up in the etsy shop, and started a huge sale on original artwork!

0 gypsey 3Gypsy Princess, charcoal on kraft paper – [edit] SOLD

This drawing, “Gypsy Princess” I thought I’d lost forever when, while drying after I sprayed it with fixative out on our balcony, it caught a gust of wind and blew away! Of course I ran out to look for it, and never did, but then a couple of weeks later, one of my neighbors brought it back to me, a little rain-and wind-weathered, but intact!

0 little prince 2The Little Prince – pencil and ink – [edit] SOLD

There are a lot of random, small drawings, priced from $5 upwards. Several that were made just to be the framework for digital coloring, such as The Little Prince, and Tea, Tea, TEA!

0 norwegian wood 4Norwegian Wood – sumi ink  [edit] SOLD

This is one of my favorites, done originally for a poster design competition. It didn’t win – I don’t think it even cam close, but it was great to do an homage to the work of one of my favorite authors, Haruki Murakami.

0 teaTea, Tea, TEA! – pencil and ink  [edit] SOLD

anxiety 2Anxiety – sumi ink –  [edit] SOLD

cosmosCosmos – monoprint, 2005 –  [edit] SOLD

Haha! This one’s from way back when I was going to school and had access to a printmaking studio. Come to think of it, I have piles of other drawings in the closet that I haven’t even gotten to yet.

My artist friends – how do you keep track of and safely store all of your artwork? Sometimes I envy digital artists, who have their laptops and external hard drives and don’t have to worry about actual, physical art pieces and how to keep track of them. Ah, life would be so much simpler! Right now I’m thinking of my studio, full of flat storage, with paper – some new, some old, marked and unmarked, cardboard, shipping envelopes, cello sleeves, misprints, yarn, fabric, glue sticks, old pictures and ephemera for which I really have no good reason for hanging on, other artists’ art, frames, tools, bubble wrap ——– and trying to figure out how to scale down. How do you manage your art supplies?

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