All I want to do is sleep

Because it’s the middle of winter and I’m convinced I’m part bear.


But, you know, I’m a grown up now and at around 11am I get thirsty so do get out of bed. Yesterday I was SUPER grown up and cleaned the house. Today I made these. Little drawings this time, 5x7in, on the kraft paper with charcoal, ink and acrylic. Lazy Bones.






The small originals are all up in the shop here.

Are you (my Northern hemisphere friends) all having the same hibernating problem, or is it just me? How do you kick it? Or, how do you not stay in bed all day, especially when you have thick blankets and like, a million pillows, and your sweetheart makes you coffee in the morning so you don’t even have to get up?

Of course, this’d probably be different were I still a student or had a day job where I was expected somewhere at a certain hour. But then again, I’d probably be playing hookey.

10 thoughts on “All I want to do is sleep

  1. This student HATES getting out of her nice warm bed to go to school in the morning 😦 it’s so difficult when you look outside and see those dreary clouds, hear the rain against the roof, and you’re snuggled up in 10 different blankets wondering why the HELL would I want to get out of bed, let alone go outside?! XD

  2. It’s the same case here (France). I tried to fight this feeling with special lamps (luminotherapy), it may be a little better. It’s cold outside, and even in bed I can’t lay like in your art : with an arm out ! I think one can only see my hair… (my little daughter thinks the same : she said, while looking at your art, that those women may be cold).

    It’s harder when you have no usual work, no hour to be in an office (it’s my case too).

    • I’ve never gotten special lamps, but I’ve heard good things about them. I have a space heater pointed at my feet most of the day while I work, but at night I’m entirely under the blankets. I guess these drawings are more like Summer napping portraits!

  3. Patrick and I blame the lethargy on the fact that we don’t see the sun much this time of year! Our circadian rhythms get all off and it gets harder to get out of bed without sunlight. Also, I asked my mom when I was young why I was so tired in the winter and she told me it is because we are like bears and just want to hibernate the winter away…I keep that in my heart and remember it every time I am cuddling those warm squishy pillows….

    • Yeah, I know it’s definitely all to do with sunlight and circadian rhythms… I should just go with it and not feel like I need to keep the same schedule as in the summer. Also, the old-fashioned luddite in me blames indoor lighting and the internet and my poor self-control, staying up late with Nick, watching movies and playing video games. 🙂

  4. It doesn’t seem to me like you’ve wasted your day. You were productive enough to make art and post your thoughts. That’s awesome! If I didn’t have work, I’d be the most disgusting lump. I’d most likely just watch television all day and–I don’t know–start picking my nose as hobby and start a booger collection…

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