Rude Girls – tired of just being “cute”

Of course, they can’t help it. Regardless, they are PISSED. And their aggression never resorts to violence, just childish physical displays of obscenity:Image


Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. Haha. Don’t let these cuties bother you, have a fantastic Thursday!!

Prints and stickers are available in the etsy shop, here!

Are you guilty of overusing any of these actions? The mooning is my personal favorite (not saying I do it, I’m just rather fond of it).

19 thoughts on “Rude Girls – tired of just being “cute”

  1. these are so lovely! the obscene gesture girl is so adorable, and the shocker girl has the best boots! can’t wait for little prints of these to come out 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, Dear Stasia! I want these four sassy cuties! Please hold them for me while I get my act together, plugging in my cc info and such. I’ll write more later! Love, Anne

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  3. I would love love love a mooning girl print! These are all so cute! Please let us know if you make prints of these for your etsy shop. Lordy! You are channeling a spirit of woman that is so so good.

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