Danny Mansmith

ring by danny

If you don’t know who Danny Mansmith is, we’re about to fix that! He is an incredibly prolific, detail-driven fiber and mixed media artist who draws with his wonderful old Singer sewing machine. Read about his process and see tons of photos on his blog, here. His etsy shop is also full of goodies – well worth a look-see! I don’t know what I did right, but check out this beautiful bug-ring he made for me!


danny 3

Danny is still new to Seattle, and moved here 6 months ago from Chicago. He creates just about anything you can think of from fabric and thread: pins, rings, bracelets, clothing, dolls, sculpture, and even artwork you can put on your wall! He is also participating in the 30 Day Art Challenge: you can see what he made for this show below:

danny 2

Wednesday (woah – that’s already tomorrow! [wow, you can tell I work at home]) night, from 6-9pm is the VIP preview night of the show (at the T.K. Artist Lofts Building, 115 Prefontaine Place South #308). You all, as very important persons, are definitely invited and I’d love to see you there.

Thursday, the 6th – is the sales night. From 6-11pm all artwork (over 3000 pieces) are all priced at $50 and you can take your piece(s) home with you that night! Here is the Facebook event page. If you live nearby and come make it, it’s going to be fun!

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