T-shirts and Tote bags galore!

I need to apologize in advance for the ridiculous number of pictures to follow. I got these shirts and tote bags back from the printers a couple of days ago, and this morning the sun came out just long enough for us to take some pictures! I’ve hired Nicholas (part time model) to help me out with these:

Percolating silkscreened unisex tee in soft cream and burnt orange. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Kitty Heaven tee in leaf green, and below in teal.

In girls’ sizes, turquoise and white scoop tees.

This time around I thought we’d print up some flowy racerback tanks, in pebble and white.

Last but not least, there are finally tote bags! For all your book, food and knicknack-haulin’ needs!

In “Moth Girl,” “Percolating,” and “Kitty Heaven.”

So, stocking up for holidy craft shows! If you’re still with me after that exhausting lineup of photos, here’s the holiday art show & craft fair schedule!


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