A special tattoo design

I love when I’m approached to help design a tattoo. It’s such an intimate and special request that I work very hard to make sure it’s perfect. The plan for this one was for a blackwork design of a raven holding a fern in either its beak or its claws.

One of the best parts about these projects is the research, and the sketching, trying to figure out the right composition for where the tattoo will end up being inked on the body. It reminds me that I need to spend more time outside with a camera taking pictures of everything, because you never know when you’ll need a picture of… a raven, a fern, who knows what next?

Here is the sketch we settled on, and the finished drawing. Broke out the microns for this one!!

Happy November, you all!

10 thoughts on “A special tattoo design

  1. Oh, man. So cool. Love seeing all the designs you went through before settling on the final–it was definitely the best :3

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