13 Days to Go…

With 30 paintings to finish. Here are today’s updates!

“Suck it! (They’re succulents… get it? Huh? No?)” I think I’m coming down with some sort of cold, or maybe it’s a wicked combination of wine/video game hangover + caffeine withdrawal. Anyways, I feel lousy. 😦 So today was spent working while watching Dirty Jobs. Hmmm. The following paintings might be getting a bit grosser. Guts and maggots and flies all that good stuff.

Oh! Thank you, thank you so much to all of you guys for voting for me in this year’s RAWards. I am officially a city finalist! On November 17th there will be a finalist group show, where voting will take place live to advance to whatever the next stage of this popularity contest is. I owe you all big time for helping me out here, and getting a ton of exposure for my humble drawings. Let’s see what happens next!

love, me.


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