vote for me?

RAWartists are holding their annual artists competition, with finalists in all categories (visual art, fashion, photography, performance, etc.) Everyone who has worked with rawartists is in the competition, so, that means me!

If you feel like it, I’d be super grateful if go to the site and vote for me – it takes just a minute, and in the [extremely] off chance that I get into finals, there’s the possibility of art space show placement, art supply gift cards, consultations and write-ups. I’d be incredulous! And I’d have you to thank!

Here’s what you can do to help:
You can vote once a day, until October 15th.
1. Go to www.RAWartists.organd click REGISTER at the top of the homepage …

2. Input a valid email address (only have to do this once) 3. Verify the email address by checking your email and confirming it 4. Log-on with your new registation and vote!

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