Percolating… finally, an ode to coffee!

It’s been brought to my attention recently that, though I’ve done quite a few tea-themed drawings, I still hadn’t made anything devoted to coffee (my true love, but don’t tell the tea!). So, here she is (thanks, Nichol!)!!

I know, I know  – anyone who owns a percolator knows that it is impossible to bathe in it, if only because of the pesky spout that lets water travel from the bottom to the top and makes it possible for coffee-creation to occur. Sadly. But by the magic of drawing, there! It’s happening! Coffee bath in a percolator!

I prefer the french press, but putting a girl in there sounded pretty sadistic, not to mention claustrophobic.

Also, I have a new printer!! After much procrastination and nailbiting, I decided on an Epson, for its ultrachromatic inks and large format. I can now print up to 13″ wide and virtually unlimitedly long (have to buy a roll of paper for something like that, though). Yay! 11×14″ prints will soon become standard in my shop, where you can pick up little coffee girl now!

Anywho. It’s time to make dinner – a hot pot, I think, full of meat and mushrooms and whatever veggies are hiding in the bottom of the fridge. Then I believe it’ll be time for another pot of coffee and a Borderlands 2 marathon. Hmmmm. Yes.

3 thoughts on “Percolating… finally, an ode to coffee!

  1. What kind of Epson it is? I’m getting ready to buy my own Epson but maybe a A4 size for a start – any advice for the best one? 🙂

    • I have an Epson Stylus Photo R2000, it prints up to 13″ wide and ridiculously long. I haven’t used many different printers, but the print quality with this one is excellent, and it takes many types of paper. The ink is archival and comes in 8 cartriges, so the only thing is the ink can get expensive. I hope this helps! Let me know what you go with!

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