Things making me happy lately

With no real rhyme or reason, here is a collection of happy things, for you. 🙂 Have a beautiful Saturday!!

“Stop working and love me!”

This site: Wunderkammer: A curiosity cabinet of {un}natural wonders – so full of strange, beautiful, grotesque and curious. A stunning collection of images that hugely satisfies my closeted goth, for example – this mantis endoskeleton by Judith G. Klausner:

Along the same lines, a fun place to waste time: odditycentral

Baby penguin (via Zooborns)

This photo. By Romain Kersulec.

The XX – Chained

… a gentle reminder (via)

My new coffee cup, by Junji Miyazawa – constant companion.

Also, been obsessed with Asaf Avidan. His voice is incredible.

Asaf Avidan & The Mojos – Your Anchor

Asaf Avidan – Different Pulses  

This pillowcase is awesome. I want it. By xenotees on etsy.

(via) I swear. I don’t spend any time on this site.

…and that’s why I have you.

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