Let me introduce you to: miss Chinadoll! Along with Yakuzabot, she’s going in the mail tomorrow down to L.A. to be part of the Giant Robot Biennal 3 Remix project. This is one of the very first two dolls I’ve ever customized, and with her, I took the extra step of adding super sculpey to her face and hair-buns, also giving her a modest chest. This all resulted in her being quite top-heavy… like me she is a clumsy girl, and often finds herself falling flat on her face (though me, not for the top-heavy reason. ahem).

Also, she has eyeballs growing out of her back!! See the before picture here.

Here are the two together – to them, the (slight) size discrepancy isn’t important. They are in love.

And here is Yakuzabot’s finished tattoo work.

And glamour shot. 🙂 This was loads of fun to do. Now, what to do with all this extra sculpey clay??

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