Weeping Willow

Little girl painted with gouache on this lovely grey handmade paper I picked up in Vancouver, BC last weekend while on our little anniversary trip!

Canal Paper is made by the Papeterie Saint-Armand in Montreal all by hand, and I found this at a little shop on Granville Island: Paper-Ya. Pretty much one of the most amazing little paper/sketchbook/nicknack/supply store I’ve ever stepped into, I am quite impressed I managed to tear myself away with only these two little stacks of paper.

So this is what I did with sheet #1. I love how soft and textured it is, with a deckled edge and subtle color variation. Onto the next!!


13 thoughts on “Weeping Willow

  1. Love the painting and the strawberry thumbnail. Do you visit Canada often? If you liked Vancouver you should visit Vancouver island(and I’m not saying that because that’s where I live I genuinely think its a prettier palace to vacation).

      • Well If you stay some where down-town, there is a ton to do but I personally wouldn’t miss the undersea gardens or the Royal B.C museum and the Beacon hill dive-in Is a must(their Ice-cream is to die for). If You ever decide to vacation in Victoria , Email me and I can give you the best places(and lesser known) to visit and relax at. Hope you had fun!

      • Ooh, now I’m definitely going to have to plan a trip soon – undersea gardens… what?? And the drive in with icecream sounds sooo incredible! I haven’t been to a drive-in in nearly 10 years. Thank you for the pointers – I’ll remember to get in touch with you when I do plan a trip to your beautiful island. Thank you!

  2. I found an old email of yours (in my mind, I didn’t think it was old, but it was from 2 years ago 🙂 ), and wanted to check out what you were working on.

    I’m so glad that I did!! I just love your work.

    And it was a fun surprise to read this post about Paper-Ya. I don’t live in Vancouver anymore, but when I did, I was in Paper-Ya at least once a week (we lived right behind Granville Island).

    • Oh, hi Hannah! Haha, how cool – and it must have been wonderful living in Vancouver. What a great place to live, especially near Granville Island! Thanks for coming back to see what I’ve been up to. 🙂

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