Burlesque-y prints!

Today I spent some special time outside on the porch with a pile of prints, rubber gloves and some gold spray paint, cadding the finishing touches to these shiny sets of limited edition prints!! I’m so happy with how they turned out, I might make this adding-a-border step a regular thing. These are now all up in the etsy store.

I was worried about how well the glitter, fake jewels and textured paint would translate from the originals to an actually 2D print on watercolor paper, but I shouldn’t have been. The print job is fantastic and I’m super thrilled about how cute they look as 8×10″ sets!

Having a seasonally inappropriate cold has got me stuck inside working on all this website updating that I have needed to do for some time! It’s beautiful outside, so I’m keeping all the doors and windows open and hoping it lasts till I feel well enough to go out and play!

The sexy shunga prints are now also up in the store, finally – yay! Get your smut on!!

Also, Reggie of Mace Mead Works was super and brought me the remainder of the fabric flower collage pieces that have been down in Dayton for the past month, so those are back home and up in the shop also.

Okay, enough about me! What about you? 🙂 What wonderful summery things are you up to (or wintery, you southern-hemispherists!)? Sun tea? Impromptu camping?

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