Seattle Erotic

Wow, busy weekend! The Seattle Erotic Art Festival opened this Friday, coinciding with the Fremont Fair. I’d never been before, so this was also the first time I witness the nude bicyclists that are a traditional part of the parade.

Both of my pieces at the festival sold the first day – thank you so, so much, my two buyers! I love you!!

(Blush 2, Blush 1)

Kevin and I were also available to take loss-of-virginity stories. SEAF runs all the way till next Sunday the 24th, so you still have lots of time to come check it out – tons of awesome artwork: 2D, 3D, interactive, film, spoken-word, performance and panels. Definitely try to make it out Friday and/or Saturday night. We will be there. 🙂

Kevin D. Boze and I outside

Setting up on the indoor stage: photo courtesy of Murat (thank you!)

If you live in the area and have never been, do consider visiting the festival! It’s really something. Now in it’s 10th year, you’d never have guessed at how small it was starting out. It’s run by an awesome collection of passionate, hard-working people, and I feel really lucky to be a part of it.




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