Luke Chueh – Bearing the Unbearable

Last week in the mail I was lucky enough to receive this shiny new book, hot off the press, and have been mulling over what to say about it. It helps that Luke‘s work speaks for itself, but I have to admit, it’s taken me some time to warm up to. I think it’s that uneasy feeling artists get when they see such simple, good work: that “why didn’t I think of that?” respect.

His style of painting is so recognizable, and much copied – and for good reason. Bold, simple, warm and fuzzy at first, super gory and stark at times, it’s a delicious mix of cute and off-putting. He’s been painting as a fine artist for nearly ten years now, and the book, Luke Chueh, Bearing the Unbearable, covers the years and spans the evolution of his painting style up to date. A big, beautiful picture book, it’s full of scenes from a children’s story gone wrong, most featuring the sad, black eyes of his famous bear.

If you’re into low-brow, clean, straight-forward, honest contemporary art, get your hands on this book.

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