art opening at Mace Mead Works

Opening night at Mace Mead Works last Friday was great – well worth the 5 hour (4 if Nick’s driving) drive down, then back again the next morning. Thank you so much to everyone who came, and to those who adopted artwork! Thank you, thank you!

The storefront, with Rachel’s hand-painted banners!

Some of the famously delicious – surprisingly complex and different than any I’d tasted – mead. Read the Seattle Weekly article here

Our gracious hosts, Taylor Mace and Rachel Smith.Besides mead, Mace Mead Works also has a line of reds, called “Mortal Vintner.” I am head-over-heels for their packaging. It’s enough that the wine is super-yummy, but take a look at these!

A collaboration between owner Reggie and illustrators Beth Rahn and Chris Rahn, these labels are actually hand-pulled prints, so when you bring home a bottle, you are also bringing along little pieces of art! Too, too cool.

The artwork will be up in the tasting room until the end of June – so if you can, make it in – for the art, for the mead cocktails, and the beautiful bottles!

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