Lunar New Year show at GR2

Just a week ago I was invited to take part in the annual Lunar New Year art show Giant Robot puts on each year, this year being shown in the new GR2 space in LA, taking place January 29th. This year is the year of the Dragon – so, here’s what I’ve been working on!

The first step, after sketching, was laying down art masking fluid, to protect the white of the dragon. I love to splatter this stuff, to creat stars/dust/detritus in the background.

Rather stupidly, I peeled off the masking fluid before attending to the girls hair, so it went on with a teeny brush and some (which I have in short supply) patience.

Right now I’m adding some extra litte flower designs. I’ll keep you posted!!

4 thoughts on “Lunar New Year show at GR2

  1. wow!! this is awesome 😀 I learned something new today – art masking fluid 😀 never knew it existed :s (i’m dumb) 😛

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