Of sloths and puppies

Of all the animals that can make ‘ugly’ cute, the sloth is among the top.  They are so unreal, with their pig-noses, freakish talons and huge eyes – I love them so! So, when I was commissioned to create a little drawing of a girl with her pets (one real, one imaginary), you can imagine how thrilled I was!

I chose to add the impression of a border by cutting out the drawing and mounting it on similarly-weighted paper, and really like the results. I’ll probably be doing this more often.

Okay, now, purely for your viewing pleasure:


Happy Monday!

10 thoughts on “Of sloths and puppies

  1. OMG!!!!! I am overwhelmed by the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!! I want to hold it and squeeze it!!!!! Love the art too Stasia~xoxo

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