pencil, ink, William Morris, Thomas Hooper

Here’s another work-in-progress/experiment with pencil and ink.

I’ve been really smitten lately with the textile designs of William Morris and massively busy victorian design seen on things other than furniture or curtains.

In a similar vein, a little over a year ago I came across Thomas Hooper‘s work for the first time and was, not to be too melodramatic, rather devastated by the beauty of his art, and that hasn’t changed.

His work is full of mandalas, old-English fleurishes, and the aftertaste of secret societies, witchcraft and renaissance medical documents, somehow feeling so old and so new at once.

Some of his clients sport pieces wonderfully Escher-like (my absolute favorite artist as a kid… oh, hell, still): magical geometry.



Ugh! So pretty!

Yup, that just about sums up how it makes me feel.

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