Ink and pencil drawing, trial and error

Here’s a current project: a drawing around 18×24″ in pencil and ink. I’m at a wall, wondering whether or not to incorporate color, some fabric flower collage, or something I haven’t yet thought of. The drawing was a struggle: even though there isn’t much information there, I must have drawn and erased the face at least six times! I think I’ll set this away where I can’t look at it for a few days, and come back with new eyes to see what I’m missing now, but thought I’d post these – if you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it – I certainly need it!

5 thoughts on “Ink and pencil drawing, trial and error

  1. I love this, Stasia! I agree with Uncle Vinny, it really looks so amazing 🙂 I love the way you do very, very smooth human figures and mostly b/w tones and monochromes. ❤

  2. i also love it… i love the messy hair/grass/root theme. the upside down… & the shapes of the buds. since you mentioned how much you reworked the face, i took a closer look & have to say you perfected it! such a serene, calm expression. i’d leave it exactly as it is, but then again – you just might turn it into an even more beautiful piece! if you do, please keep a black & white version on file. i would love it for my collection! {& maybe the final version to display next to it too 🙂 }

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