the last couple of days

I bought this beautiful painting surface months ago with a birthday gift card: it’s a watercolor paper surface on top of a hardwood box frame (Dick Blick) and it’s amazing! It’s called an Ampersand Aquaboard. I’ve been hesitant to use it, thinking I must save it for that one day when I do end up having a great idea. I have a tendancy to hoard art supplies, so I’m working on using up things that I have.

This one is an 8×8″ with a 2″ cradle. The surface is clay, but acts like paper! It’s great for my preference for water-based ink and paint, and also takes pencil beautifully.

I also have a number of small, pre-stretched canvases which have been taunting me. I keep picking them up, thinking that, this time, I’ll LOVE painting on canvas! I inevitably get frustrated because I think it will act the same as paper. As much as I enjoy the tooth of fabric, I still have a hard time getting smooth lines over it.

And, back to paper! Yay! My safe zone. Here are some fire ants:

A girl who loves rain so much her aura is made out of droplets:

Curly tattoos on a curled-up girl:

And a girl who’s either dreaming of clouds or farting in her sleep:


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