baby teeth

Dreamt the night before last of my teeth all falling out into my hands. I wasn’t worried, just suprised. My teeth grew right back in minutes, and I woke up as if nothing had happened.

Pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper, 9×12″.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago I asked them to save the teeth for me. If you don’t ask beforehand, they’re just trashed. I took them home, cleaned them off, and strung them on a (now I realize) ghastly necklace. I never wore it. They’re now detatched and kept in a tin in my jewelry box. It amazes me how deep the roots are; they don’t feel like they belong to me.

3 thoughts on “baby teeth

  1. I wish I had realized to do that when I got mine removed >_< When I have kids I'll want to keep their teeth. They'll think it's slightly morbid and it'll be awesome.

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