San Diego Comic Con 2011 – The Best Of

Yay! It’s so good to be home! We took so many pictures this weekend I’ll try and limit this to some of my favorites:

(Hellraiser to the right: wow!)

First damaged trooper I’ve ever seen. Wait for the closeup:


2 cutest girls all weekend.

Add your own caption:

Okay, this may be missed if I don’t point it out: it’s all in the details!

For you Dr. Who fans: also featuring these amazing remote-controlled hovering sharks!


This is me the day I went in costume. On second thought, perhaps I should have shaved.

Sexiest storm trooper there. Period.

Extra points if you know who these two are.

This costume is all cardboard and papier mache. (?!)

Okay, here’s the real me, in my teeny corner of the nerd universe:

Oops.. I just meant to post a few photos but I got really carried away! If you want to see more pictures, see the whole gallery here:

4 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con 2011 – The Best Of

  1. Oh wow Comic Con looks so amazingly fun! I don’t even know how some of those costumes would be made. I hope one day I can go to america to a comic con!

  2. Man – this looks so crazy and amazing. I’ve never been to a con, but my friend went last year here in Montreal and his girlfriend had worked all year on her costume. It seemed like a TON of work! She looked incredible though. (She was a game character and since I’m not a gamer at all I had no idea who it was. I just know A LOT of time was spent getting the wig the exact right shade of lavender.)
    My guess for the photo is that the guy is Captain Mal (-colm Reynolds; Firefly, how I miss you!). I’m not sure about the other one though, hmm… does look familiar.
    That damaged stormtrooper is creepifyingly awesome! As is Sauron.
    I love The Doctor + the shark – Matt Smith’s doctor has really won me over, even though at first I was heartbroken that David Tennant was gone : )

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